Person standing in front of an enormous book. The book's pages look like the night sky, and a river of purple "universe-looking" swirls are pouring out of the book and covering the person.

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Take scicomm by the tail, shake its whiskers, and leave the status quo in its slippers.

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Goals for Good SciComm

No goals? No impact. (Or at least no way to measure it.) In this hands-on workshop, you’ll reverse-engineer your scicomm impact. Included: a vision + planning sequence and juuuust the right amount of hand holding. [yes, there will be some assessment talk, too. 🕵️‍♀️]

Sharing SciComm

You get asked for scicomm advice on the regular. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll wrangle the resources and good practices you know into a course or workshop plan you can run with. 👟 Included: worksheets, hard work [yuup, teaching’s worth it!], a scicomm bibliography & an optional small-group coaching session.

Scicomm on TikTok

Why take the time to figure things out on your own when you could take a shortcut instead? You’ll learn the technology of TikTok in this interactive workshop. Included: demonstrations, worksheets, and enough enthusiasm for all of us. 😎

TikTok Strategy for Scicomm

How could TikTok fit in with the strategies and goals that you’ve already defined? 🤔 Use the worksheet prompts and discussion in this interactive workshop to develop your TikTok strategy outline. You’ll also leave with a list of the next steps that will move you toward feeling good about how you use TikTok.

Bethann is able to offer suggestions, give guidance and keep an eye on the overall picture of the program while allowing me to develop my own creative ideas. She allows each person to bring their strengths to a project and supplements where needed with support and encouragement. She has been wonderful to work with!  The framework she has created is proving invaluable to the sustainability of each program.  I feel hopeful that her contribution will be obvious long after she leaves.”

— Education program coordinator

Virginia, that was probably the 54 best-spent minutes reflecting on my scicomm ever, and it’s just the beginning.”

— University practitioner and trainer

Virginia, [your] wonderful coaching… helped me gain the confidence to build a new brand… and get on the job market.”

— Early career practitioner