Goals for Good SciComm

with Bethann Garramon Merkle
virtual | Level: intermediate-advanced

No goals. No impact.

This isn’t a hold-hands-and-sway-together sort of workshop. Truth is: most evaluations1 look like bad feedback looming or credibility at stake. And no secret, teaching evaluations are biased2 and brutal3.

Because of this, articulating goals and breaking them down into actionable metrics gives a lotta folks the willies. We get it.

We’re here for it. And for you. Getting where you want to go in life and scicomm all starts with stating your goals.

And, because assessment isn’t optional, you’ll learn a modular system for both setting and tracking goals. You’ll walk away with a plan that can handle the sweaty, intense scicomm equivalent of July on Canal Street. This is about setting goals and writing yourself the cocktail napkin directions that’ll get you to bold, transformative scicomm beignets. 🍩

Meteor co-founder Bethann Garramon Merkle has coached 1,256* science-allied folks, plus a tool library and a cathedral with a donkey, on how to share science and track impact.**

Join her to get your goals down to specific performance indicators and a stepwise plan for doing scicomm like someone else picked up the tab.

We’ve got a spot with your name on it.

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*Real numbers. Every single one.

**Real talk: Head counts don’t automatically translate to impact. Head counts aren’t the most nuanced way to measure impact. But, head counts are a metric that many institutions value, and you can leverage them meaningfully. It takes a lotta invitations to rack up the head counts Bethann reports. So, you could interpret them (say, in an impact report or statement) as a numeric testimonial. And actual testimonials can be used as qualitative indicators of the value clients and students get from how you facilitate. How you coach. How you package the material you share. [busted! yes, this is another plug for assessment that gets you the feedback you need and can use. 😇]