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This is the beginning (or not) of a beautiful friendship

Whether we like it or not, our systems are mostly still relational, which means our success is very related to networks. And, of course, you can’t build a relationship with someone you don’t know exists. Join us to tackle a big question: how to approach networking in ways that are authentic to our values.

Branding is not a dirty word

Is branding as gross as mealy fruit, or is it the greatest scicomm idea since mass media? Add your two cents as we discuss the many sides of branding, the problems with a façade of scientific neutrality, and how we deal with branding at individual and project/organization levels.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is the resume or CV the fairest of all?

Resumes and CVs can feel like documents that we use to ask permission. In this episode, we ask you to talk with us about how to FLIP that habit. Explore, instead, how a scicomm resume or CV can be your own tool to self-acceptance and personal achievement.

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