Scicomm on TikTok

with Virginia Schutte
virtual | Level: intermediate*

TikTok is on your list. Figure it out faster.

TikTok could be more than dancing, memes, and generational duels- it could be how you do the scicomm you want to.

But you’ve avoided it, because you’d have to learn another whole system. Where do you edit TikToks? How can you share other people’s videos? And you cannot get your YouTube vids down to 60 seconds!

Welllll… Did you know that you can edit off-platform and upload into TikTok? Did you know that TikTok’s video editor is actually pretty great? Did you know you can post 3-minute videos now and they’re considering 5-minute videos for the future?

I know you can get there on your own, but you don’t have that time to burn. 🔥

Think of me as your shortcut. Let’s work together through the technical aspects of using TikTok for scicomm so that you can keep rolling on your ideas and your impact. You’ll learn all the tech you need to get started on TikTok right now, plus you’ll leave with at least one draft in your account.

Meteor co-founder Virginia Schutte has helped hundreds of scientists and practitioners at universities across the US and Europe feel more comfortable claiming their space on social media networks.**

Join her to get your TikTok on.

We’ve got a spot with your name on it.

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*This course assumes you already know the fundamentals of scicomm, social media, and video-making.

**Real talk: Head counts don’t automatically translate to impact. Head counts aren’t the most nuanced way to measure impact. But, head counts are a metric that many institutions value, and you can leverage them meaningfully. It takes a lotta invitations to rack up the head counts Virginia reports. So, you could interpret them (say, in an impact report or statement) as a numeric testimonial. And actual testimonials can be used as qualitative indicators of the value clients and students get from how you facilitate. How you coach. How you package the material you share. [busted! yes, this is another plug for assessment that gets you the feedback you need and can use. 😇]