Sharing SciComm

with Bethann Garramon Merkle
virtual | Level: advanced

It’s time to share your scicomm chops.

You get asked for scicomm advice on the regular. Because you’re good at it. Because you give advice that works, even if it’s impromptu.

You’ve been thinking about doing a SciComm 101 for your colleagues. You’ve been thinking about adding a scicomm module to your science course. You’ve been thinking…for a while.

But…teaching scicomm isn’t something you want to do as casually as “why yes, I’ll have a refill with my donut.” 🍩

We got you.

In this hands-on, virtual workshop, you’ll learn a straightforward, evidence-based system that you can fill with the resources and good practices you already know. You’ll leave with a course or workshop plan you can run with.

Meteor co-founder Bethann Garramon Merkle has taught 1,256 scientists*, 291 teachers, and 1 armadillo [not really, it was a deer named Mo] how to share science. She’s also taught 18 university scicomm courses to 361 students.**

Join her to wrangle your cats teaching ideas into a 1-hour workshop or course module that rocks striped socks.

We’ve got a spot with your name on it.

Sign up for the waitlist for VIP treatment when registration opens! 👇🥳

*Real numbers. Every single one.

**Real talk: Head counts don’t automatically translate to impact. Head counts aren’t the most nuanced way to measure impact. But, head counts are a metric that many institutions value, and you can leverage them meaningfully. It takes a lotta invitations to tally up the head counts Bethann reports. So, you could interpret them (say, in an impact report or statement) as a numeric testimonial. And actual testimonials can be used as qualitative indicators of the value clients and students get from how you facilitate. How you coach. How you package the material you share. [busted! yes, this is another plug for assessment that gets you the feedback you need and can use. 😇]