TikTok Strategy for Scicomm

with Virginia Schutte
virtual | Level: intermediate-advanced

What’s the point of TikTok?

“I can’t be bothered to get on that new tween network.”
– me about TikTok a few years ago

Sounds familiar.

“More than half of TikTok users are over 29 years old.”
– 2021 Q1 reporting

Wait what??

Yeah. The people we’re trying to reach (including our peers) are there.

OK, but for scicomm?

Probably! Science communication on TikTok could be where you want to be- it depends on your goals.

It’s one thing to generally understand how social media works and another to make a personalized social media plan for a new network. Let’s work on yours together: you’ll leave this course with an outline of your TikTok strategy and a brief list of specific next steps.

Meteor co-founder Virginia Schutte has helped hundreds of scientists and practitioners at universities across the US and Europe feel more comfortable claiming their space on social media networks.*

Join her to define and settle in to your TikTok space.

We’ve got a spot with your name on it.

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*Real talk: Head counts don’t automatically translate to impact. Head counts aren’t the most nuanced way to measure impact. But, head counts are a metric that many institutions value, and you can leverage them meaningfully. It takes a lotta invitations to tally up the head counts Virginia reports. So, you could interpret them (say, in an impact report or statement) as a numeric testimonial. And actual testimonials can be used as qualitative indicators of the value clients and students get from how you facilitate. How you coach. How you package the material you share. [busted! yes, this is another plug for assessment that gets you the feedback you need and can use. 😇]